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Open Data

 The Open Data Policy

What  is the Open Data:
Open data is the idea that some data should be freely available to all visitors and users of the Ministry's portal so they can use and republish as they wish, without restrictions. The open data aimed  at enhancing the participation and raising the level of knowledge. The visitors and users  should look at user policy of these data in order to know about updates.. etc. Nonetheless, all open freely available data on the portal of the Ministry are for raising consciousness and non-profit.

Users of open data:
The Ministry allows portal users to access the open data. They also have the right to use these data at their own responsibility and it is guaranteed for all users.

The Responsibility of Data Users:
Open data user is responsible for the re-use of data in the portal of the Ministry, the re-use of these data should not  result in  any mistakes related to the content .source , history of these data.
The Responsibility of the Ministry:
The Ministry of Finance is  not responsible for any damage or misuse might happen  to bodies as a result of the use of these published data.  The Ministry does not guarantee the continuity and availability of these data or part of them. The Ministry does not bear any responsibility towards the users of these data, and what might happen to them from damage or loss due to re-use.
Terms of Reuse:
The user should not distort the data or  its source.
These data should not be used for political purposes or to support illegal activity or criminal acts or racist  comments or discrimination or to inflame or cause negative influence in the culture or inequality or incitation or any activity that is illegal or contrary to the habits and traditions of the Kingdom.
It should be noted that  the source of data that has been reused by the portal link of the Ministry of Finance  is to maintain the intellectual property of the data, the credibility and validity of their sources.

Notably, the Open Data Policy is derived from the National Data Governance Policies issued by the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence.For more information about The main principles and general rules for open data and The main principles and general rules for freedom of information​. Press Here​

Last Update : 12/22/2020 4:40 PM