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 Service level Agreement for Electronic Services

​In line of the directives of the Ministry of Finance to upgrade the services it provides to its audiences in accordance with the duties and responsibilities entrusted to it and in accordance with the directives of the honorable leadership to do the best things that would provide the service to the Ministry's clients in the easiest, simplest way and with fast speed so the Ministry is very keen to provide electronic services through the Ministry's portal, as well as smart devices, to facilitate and speed up the completion of transactions of official beneficiaries through using these electronic services of the Ministry.

 Privacy and Confidentiality of Information
The Ministry of Finance puts the confidentiality of beneficiary information, on all its services, at the top of the priority list. The Ministry works hard to provide high-quality services to all beneficiaries through the Service Level Agreement.

Standards of electronic services for government agencies
Type of Request

Expected time to close the request​

Inquiry service about loan exemptions


 Inquire about payment orders

​Inquire about annual returns​

​Immediately verify the documents of the Ministry of Finance employees
​Electronic services for government agencies
Immediately reserve an appointment for course reviewers and rules
​An immediate inquiry service for the public administration auditors
​The service of raising the justifications for paying the annual returns
​3-5 working days​​
​Vehicles of state employees on the spot
​Follow up the transactions submitted to the ministry

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Assistance and support
In the case of non-response to the beneficiary according to the specified amount of time, the beneficiary can contact and escalate via e-mail :

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