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Regulations and instructions


Contract Form For operation, maintenance and cleaning.pdf
Contract General Terms and Conditions.pdf
Explanatory Memorandum for the Draft General Construction Contract Form.pdf
Form of Consultancy Engineering Services Contract (Design).pdf
Form of Consultancy Engineering Services Contract (Supervision).pdf
General Construction Contract Form.pdf
Implementing Regulations of Government Tender and Procuremnet Law - 18 may.pdf
Implementing Regulations.pdf
Lease and Investment Contract.pdf
Public Works Contract.pdf
Regulations and Procedures of the Committee for Resolutions of Banking Control Law Violation.docx
Roads Operation and Maintenance Contract Form.pdf
Scope of Application of the Government Tenders and Procurements Law and its Implementing Regulations.pdf
State’s Property Lease Contract.pdf
Working Rules and Procedures of Insurance Disputes and Violations Settlement Committees.docx
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