Brief Introduction

The Ministry of Finance is the government body responsible for proposing public fiscal policies and plans to achieve economic growth and stability, managing sustainability and efficiency of fiscal resources, and following up on their implementation. It is also responsible for regularly  developing fiscal, tax and customs regulations, in addition to supervising and protecting state properties and proposing the optimal ways to exploit them.


A leading ministry with a distinctive fiscal system supporting the Kingdom's growth towards a top 15 economy by 2030.        

Developing effective fiscal policies and managing financial resources to achieve stability, economic growth and fiscal sustainability, increasing spending efficiency, and strengthening partnerships with the private sector through effective governance; as well as supporting the Kingdom's influence on the regional and international financial community.​


Transparency: our transparency in dealing, communicating, and sharing knowledge reflects our credibility.

Commitment: we are committed to our responsibility in enabling the renaissance of the country and realizing its vision, with foresight and planning.

Partnership: we are aware of the importance of our role in serving our partners to meet their needs and realize their goals.

Achievement: achievement is our motivation, and our culture prompt us to reach for excellence and achieve goals with perfection.


Strategic Objectives

  • Developing sustainable fiscal policies
  • Allocating and managing financial resources effectively
  • Improving quality of financial accounts and promoting transparency
  • Optimal utilization of state assets
  • Promoting KSA position regionally and internationally

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Enabling digital transformation.
  • Qualifying human resources within a productive environment.
  • Promoting change and communication.

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