Community Participation Policy

Digital participation has gained great significance recently, as its communication and interaction channels allow the views and perspectives of the e-portal’s visitors (citizens, governmental organizations, or businesses of various sectors) to transmit electronically to the e-portal administration or the relevant department in the Ministry of Finance (MOF). The Ministry ensures that all inputs are responded to in a timely manner while maintaining the principle of privacy and confidentiality throughout this process.

In line with the its values, The Ministry is keen to foster participation by utilizing all views and suggestions that contribute to the development and enhancement of its services or projects that further achieve the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. The Ministry is also keen to oversee, review and share all posts in a manner that advances the realization of the dialogue objectives to achieve the desired aims of the communication channels with the audiences.

The Minisrty provides Your Voice Matters  as a convnient means for anyone who wants to communicate with the Ministry, in a manner that guarantees the complete freedom of everyone to communicate their opinions to officials. MOF reserves the right not to publish or delete any participations that it deems contrary to its policies or laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, without being obliged to do so. In no event shall MOF, its employees or its representatives be held legally responsible for the consequences of the publication of comments or observations through its electronic means of participation.

Conditions and controls of community participation
As part of its efforts to ensure that the desired objectives of community participation are achieved in a manner that is conducive to development of its services, MOF hopes that you familiarize yourself with the digital participation’s terms and conditions below:

Contributors' commitment to the teachings and ethics of the Islamic religion and the prevailing national customs, traditions and relevant Saudi laws.
Contributor's compliance with the relevant publishing laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Contributions should be written in clear language.
Contributions should not be sent more than once.
Refrain completely from writing any offensive or obscene words or any words that defame modesty, carry a libel or slander to any person or entity or contain the meanings of insulting in terms of religion, sectarianism, or racism, whatever the reasons.
To observe the rules of the classical Arabic language and diction as much as possible.
Participation should be serious, objective, clear and concise.
Do not publish personal data such as names, contact data, addresses, and avoid marketing to any other party.
Do not misuse the MOF's systems of electronic participation, in the manner that affects their performance, level of security, speed, or continuity, or deprives others of benefiting from them.