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Women's empowerment 
The Ministry of Finance is one of the government’s pioneers in empowering women and highlighting their role as a key partner in realizing achievements, based on a fundamental belief in the importance of the women’s role at the development cycle. Over the past years, the Ministry of Finance has worked to increase female workforce participation's rate at all job levels, utilize their energies, widen their options, and to ensure equal opportunities between the two genders.
The Ministry uses important events such as International Women's Day to organize dialogue sessions in which to highlight women’s achievements and empowerment as well as reviewing future aspirations.
The Ministry's senior leadership is keen on supporting and empowering women through providing them with the requisite support for working with leaders. Hence, the initiative of the Counseling Sessions was launched to create a culture of guidance and counseling, especially for the Ministry’s female employees, with the participation of the Ministry’s leaders as mentors in their lives and career journey.
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Youth Support
The Ministry of Finance is keen on supporting and empowering youth, especially since they make up the largest percentage of Saudi society. It has provided several programs such as "Qualifying Distinguished Graduates Program" in which it prepares young new graduates and develops their capabilities and experiences to kick-start their career in the ministry. It also seeks to empower young talented employees, who joined the ministry during the past five years, through (Horizons Program) "Afaq". The program aims to transfer knowledge from Ministry's expertise and highly qualified people to ensure business continuity and create sustainable solutions to realize the Ministry's objectives. In addition to these programs, the ministry launched the "Leadership Development Program" which aims to empower all employee categories.
The Ministry of Finance attaches great importance to youth by holding informative and educational forums through the "Communication and Financial Knowledge Center", in addition to its partnership with universities, community partnership and financial education to enhance youth participation and communication with the financial sector institutions.
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Supporting and empowering Disabled Persons
In order to provide for the needs of persons with disabilities; the Ministry of Finance has worked to provide all the facilities that would help them to perform their roles. Moreover, it supports them in obtaining jobs according to the Saudi labor system. It has also provided special tools to help them benefit from its services readily and easily. For instance, the Ministry has designed its e-portal to accommodate different groups of society. The Ministry has also cooperated with "Aleradah Organization for Talented People with Disabilities".  
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Elderly Support
The Ministry of Finance has focused on supporting the elderly by defining their rights, and by providing them with many services and facilitating many others, taking into account the hardship they may experience in doing their works and tracking their transactions. It has also utilized technology to assist them via various services that save their time and effort, such as the electronic inquiry program, as well as enhancing communication by SMS to follow up on their requests whenever the need arises.
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Supporting Employees' General Health
The Ministry of Finance is keen on raising employees' health awareness and providing psychological support and assistance to reduce stress and handle it in different internal and external circumstances. The General Department of Human Resources at the Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the Ministry of Health have launched "You are Important" initiative (Together for a healthy functional community), within the framework of achieving the Ministry's objectives in promoting a productive work environment that contributes to raising the quality of life. The initiative seeks to provide many programs and activities that support the Ministry's vision in creating a work environment that contributes to enhancing employees' general and psychological health.



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