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 What are the required conditions and documents to disburse food and fodder subsidies?

The conditions and required documents are:

  • The original purchase invoice certified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the country of origin. In the event that the second copy of the invoice is submitted, it must be certified by the Customs Authority.
  • The original of the customs declaration of the concerned party (the importer) after being certified by the Customs Authority.
  • A certified certificate from the Customs Authority of the cleared materials leaving the customs office indicating the net weight of the consignment, the number of the customs declaration, and the actual clearance date.
  • The original certificate of the Quality Laboratory of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry showing the suitability of rice and infant formula for human consumption, with indicating the percentage of fat and protein in infant formula and the age of the child for whom this type of formula is prescribed.

In addition to these basic requirements, the following documents are also required when disbursing the barley or fodder subsidy:

  1. An orignal copy of the documentary letter of credit with a certified translation thereof.
  2. The original agricultural clearance certificate after being certified by the Agricultural Quarantine Department, indicating the amount of energy and protein of the supplied item (if a copy is submitted, it should be certified by the Customs Authority), while maintaining the requirements to be included in the Quality Laboratory certificate and the agricultural clearance certificate contained in the Ministry's Telegram No. 9/4/92 dated  January 15, 2008,  as is.
  3. A certificate certified by the Saudi Ports Authority of the unloaded quantity.
  4. A copy of the bill of lading.

For more details, visit the Supply Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.​

Last Update : 5/7/2023 12:21 PM