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Open Data

 How to Use these Files

A lot of file forms are available in open data library that can be downloaded or explored, You may need to install or download some of these software which will  help you to make the most use of these data

The following is an explanation of each file format and how to make use of it  :
EXCEL: Files that contain an Excel spreadsheet, and you can explore these tables by downloading  Axel browser software for free via the link Axel browser.
PDF: You may need to download Acrobat Reader program files, which is available for free via the Adobe website.
CSV: You can open these files by many tools, such as Microsoft Excel, Notepad, and others.
XML: You can open these files by different web browsers or by Microsoft Word or Excel or by Notepad or other software. 
HTML: You can explore these files by different web browsers, or Notepad.
TEXT: You can explore these files with Notepad and many other tools .

Last Update : 8/16/2023 2:32 PM