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Open Data

 ​Results of the Open Data Use

Open data provided by the Ministry of Finance allows all beneficiaries to use the data in economic and financial studies, projects, and special research, in general.

Key files have been posted such as government lending programs; regulations and instructions; national accounts, trade in goods and others as follows:

Open Data for Saudi Budget:

Saudi Budget open data for the following fiscal years have been published:

 - Budget Statement for the fiscal year 2016 

 - Budget Statement for the fiscal year 2015 

- Budget Statement for the fiscal year 2014 

- Budget Statement for the fiscal year 2013 

- Budget Statement for the fiscal year 2012

- Budget Statement for the fiscal year 2011

The Ministry provides data on Budget for fiscal years that are useful for financial decision-making. It also allows people with financial and economic knowledge to know more about the economic level of the Kingdom.

Open Data  for E-services Evaluations' Results:

The Ministry is keen on publishing evaluations and ‎e-services opinion poll's results to develop its e-services.

Use Cases
Case DescriptionImpact

Cash flow predictive model for financial claims

Predictive model for the period of financial claims from the private sector and the expectation of payments during the coming period based on the payment behavior of project and contract's  types
Improving country's liquidity management to achieve the optimal distribution of resources and identifying opportunities for improvement in financial claims procedures for the private sector.

Advanced analysis of wages and compensation

A model for exploring government jobs, analyzing salaries, allowances, and compensation, and developing predictive models for the coming years
Improving decision-making regarding salaries, allowances, and compensation and the impact of those decisions on employees, and contributing to improving budget preparation procedures for government entities

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