Budget preparation went through three pillars

Partnership & Empowerment
  • Involving entities in the preparation of budget
  • Providing new and sophisticated analytical tools to raise quality of estimates
  • aligning objectives and needs taking into account raising expenditure efficiency

  • Working in partnership with the supporting bodies during discussion sessions and budget review
  • Organizing the budget forum with government entities to improve communication with them while taking  in to account their views on mechanisms of budget preparation and implementation
  • Raising level of transparency and disclosure in order to realize the highest level of commitment, transparency and participation by releasing the preliminary statement of the budget for the first time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Developing a questionnaire with the participation of all concerned entities to determine lessons learned and areas of improvement in the budget preparation process
  • Adopting  an advanced electronic system for budget preparation and implementation

  • Developing governance of budget preparation by establishing new committees composed of various relevant government agencies
  • Developing governance of procedures by updating the budget preparation manual and making sure it conforms to all variables
  • MOF has also worked on developing and releasing monthly budget reports
  • As part of MOF’s efforts to improve the Kingdom's ranking in the Open Budget Index (OBI), MOF will work on presenting the preliminary budget statement to the Shura Consultative Council