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Compensation for the facilities

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This service allows state-contracted facilities to claim compensation for the increase in labor fees resulting from the implementation of the Fiscal Balance Program, where expat levy fees for each facility in which the number of foreign employees equals or exceeds the number of Saudis, have been modified pursuant to Cabinet Resolution No. 197, dated December 22, 2016. The service is part of Ministry of Finance initiatives to support state contracted companies without amending costs incurred by the implementation of Cabinet Resolution No. 197. Compensation will include principal contract term, including extension periods for reasons not related to contractor with the government entity.

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Service release date 13/06/2023
Service update date 29/01/2024

- Log in to the service via MOF website

​​- Go to Etimad platform, and login through unified access.
- Create a compensation request.
- Fill in enterprise data, contract and employment information.
- Attach requested files.
- Ability to save request as a draft.
- Submit the request after completing all data  .
- Follow up on the status of the requests .

1. Compensation for the facilities that has concluded contracts with the State before 23/03/1438 AH.
2. The facility shall have paid the financial compensation for a number of expatriate workers allocated for the contract.
3. Compensation for the facility that has submitted bids for projects whose proposals were opened before 23/03/1438 AH.
4. Compensation for the facility with which extension contracts were concluded later without adjusting the incurred cost. 
5. The facilities shall not have received financial compensation in return for applying financial compensation decision.
6. Payment of compensation to facilities for a previous calendar year or at the end of contract, whichever is earlier.
7. Compensation for the original term of concluded contract execution only, including contract extensions for reasons not attributable to the contractor with the government entity.
8. The compensation amount to the facility shall be equal to the amount each establishment pays for its expatriate labor which equals to or exceeds Saudis number - the amount that is to be paid to the state treasury.
9. The expatriate workers for whom the financial remuneration was paid by the contractor contracted with the government entity shall be related to government projects.
10. The facility's final compensation shall not be disbursed upon the expiration of the contract and the term of execution until settlement of employment status associated with the project (leave, transfer, deceased) is submitted.
11. If the expatriate worker’s situation is settled through a transfer to work on another contract concluded with a government entity, the compensation shall be limited to the fee due for the period spent on the contract subject matter of compensation.


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