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 National Unified Access

Is a national initiative of the Interior Ministry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to issue and manage the digital identities of citizens and residents.  Many governmental and private agencies have started to develop their services through electronic portals using electronic IDs (username and password) It is a digital identity that is associated with the individual and represents his identity in electronic transactions and is called a "digital identity". It aims to find a comprehensive solution for the management and governance of digital identity to provide a unified electronic access service at the national level. And to provide the mechanism and tools necessary to solve the problem faced by many governmental and private agencies, which lays on obstructing the provision of many important services, which benefit citizens and residents, due to the low level of credibility and confidence in digital identity and the possibility of being stolen or hacked.


The National Unified Access provides the following services:

Self-registration of users.

Verification of users.

Registration and automatic connection with service providers.

Updating national identity cards through the Internet.

unified entry with consideration of the level of authentication.

Authentication of electronic transactions and electronic signature.

Self-service management of verification standards.


It is available for the following services:

Job Vacancy Survey System

Financial maturities and Inventory System

Last Update : 10/29/2017 2:36 PM