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 Ministry of Finance announces effective registration date of public debt instruments at the Securities Depository Centre

Today, the Ministry of Finance announces that the registration of the public debt instruments at the Securities Deposit Centre through the Saudi Stock Exchange “Tadawul” would be effective from Sunday 4-8-1438 corresponding to 30-4-2017
This action follows the previous announcement from the Ministry of Finance dated 9-1-1438, corresponding to 10-10-2016, concerning the implementation of the initiative to establish the Public Debt Management Office (DMO) at the Ministry of Finance and the decision to gradually register, list and trade government debt instruments.
A DMO spokesperson said, “This is another example of the steps being taken to strengthen the DMO’s role as part of the Kingdom's Vision 2030’s ambition in the local and international financial markets.

Last Update : 4/30/2017 10:28 AM