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  The National Debt Management Center announces the completion of the borrowing plan for the year 2020, amounting to SAR 220 billion.



The National Debt Management Center announces that the funding plan for the year 2020, amounting to SAR220 billion, which have been successfully completed, through a diversified funding sources which include domestic and international issuances as well as new financing channels, which is including (Government Alternative Financing, Supply Chain Financing, in addition to unifying the domestic issuances project)


And reference to the 2020 Local Sukuk Issuance Calendar, the NDMC announces the completion of receiving investors' orders for the month of December 2020 under the Saudi Arabian Government SAR-denominated Sukuk Program, as the orders have reached SAR 11,721bilion (eleven billion and seven hundred twenty-one million SAR). and none of these orders were allocated due to the completion of the domestic borrowing plan for this year.

*Numbers are rounded to the nearest decimal.​

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