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 National Debt Management Center Wins Two GlobalCapital Awards for Second Year Running


The National Debt Management Center (NDMC) was awarded for the second time in a raw the “Most Impressive Emerging Market Issuer" and the “Most Impressive Middle East Sovereign Issuer" rewards at the 2021 GlobalCapital Bond Awards.
The awards come after the NDMC's swift response during the unprecedented levels of market and commodity fluctuations and the instability of the global economy, especially under the impact of the pandemic. The rapid reaction is attributed to the Ministry of Finance and its commitment to implemented policies ensuring fiscal and economic stability of the Kingdom. 
The awards demonstrate the efforts exerted by the Saudi government in developing the Saudi Debt Market, the increased global confidence in the Saudi economy and the positive view of the future of Saudi's financial substantiality. In addition, the continued international demand for Saudi Sukuk and Bonds has greater depth in promoting the kingdom's financial position globally.
The GlobalCapital Bond Awards commend the achievements of governments and outstanding enterprises of various sizes in the scope of sovereign and regional finance, banking services, hedge funds, wealth management, assets, real estate assets, as well as other areas within the financial services sector. The G​lobalCapital also highlights the most prominent innovations and achievements within the global financial services sector. 


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