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Thursday 20/09/2018
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The Ministry of Finance Announced' Tender's Invitation No (1878) for Cleaning, Maintenance and Operating of Buildings of Ministry's Compound in Madinah; Cleaning work and Maintenance for Security & surveillance Cameras of the Buildings of Ministry's Off
​The Ministry of Finance "General Court", announced 'tender's invitation' for all institutions and companies classified in the field of building and maintenance, according to the following:
- Bid No: "1878".
- The name of the bid: the operation of cleaning, maintenance and operating the buildings  of Ministry compound in Madinah; cleaning work and maintenance for security & surveillance cameras of the buildings of  Ministry's offices in each of "Yanbu, Al-Ala, Al- Wajh, Amlij and Al-Mahd."
- Purchase and print  the version through the portal, government procurement on the link (
- Value  of the version: (SAR.1000) thousand riyals.
- Date of the submitting offers: Monday 27/03/1438 AH.
- Date of bid opening: at ten o'clock the next day after submitting the offers … Good luck!.

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