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Ministry Initiatives

 Saudi E-Goverment Initiative

The Ministry of Finance is a pioneer in the field of application of the concept of e-government being one of those who participated in the establishment of the e-government program (Yessir) in 1426 under Royal Decree No. 7 / b / 33181 dated 10/07/1424. In this sense deliberately ministry to provide many of its services through its website for citizens, residents, visitors, businesses and government departments and their employees through electronic channels multiple furtherance of the principle of partnership with civil society and the implementation of the strategy of e-government to achieve the aspirations of the state in access to e-government ideal.

In the following table, enumerate some of the services that have been launched via the ministry's website as well as the services planned in the future:

Monthly ​Payment order inquiry
​Monthly ​Returns inquiry for public users
Returns inquriy for authorzied users
​Complaint follow up
​Annual ​​Returns inquiry for public users
​Annual ​Returns inquriy for authorzied users
​Treatment followup
Last Update : 10/4/2017 1:15 PM