Electronic projects of the Ministry of Finance has done a great movement towards e-government transactions, becoming after the completeness a tangible reality for all dealers of the Ministry's services that are provided, by the various sectors, for citizens, residents, other governmental agencies and private sectors. 
Accordingly,  the General Administration of IT, considered as its right - hand man of the Ministry of Finance, begins in the implementation of several development infrastructure services projects for the Ministry and its transformation from traditional handicrafts to the advanced electronic.
This coincided with the necessary preparations initiated by the various sectors of the Ministry, such as preparing human workforce and create a regulatory environment so they will be able to perform the work in accordance with the new technical style. This will bring a chance for success to projects that serving government agencies and reduce the length of getting achievements for any services provided by this agency. Nonetheless, it will  provide time and effort, where it is possible for communication with the Ministry of Finance Services (electronically) through national integration channel (GSB) which will  make all services available to all government agencies to get benefit of them. Besides the possibility of getting available many other service.
It should be noted that the Ministry is also working on providing services of more e-government advanced projects, that are related  to financial services, according to the highest recognized standards in information security, which will contribute to make  the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia one of the world's largest user of applications of e-Government transactions, with opportunities of promising investment for the dissemination of technical culture, and to  use  this culture in the conduct of public life affairs and in following the global technological development.