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 IT Department

​​About Department:

The use of technology has become and take advantage of the information technology of the most important characteristic for other communities, and has become the basic standard measured by the degree of progress and development of nations.educational, government, and business institutions and others competed to take advantage of this technology.
From this principle the ministry begun applying technology in most of its dealings and services.

Our Goal:

Increase the effectiveness of performance by providing effective electronic means that allow employees to communicate between each other and to make optimal use of information and communication technologies to support the activities of the ministry, and develop continuously.

Our Mission:
Enable the Ministry to provide services anywhere, anytime and through any communication channel.

And we will, with the help of God, to activate the electronic communication between staff and between the citizen and the ministry through multiple electronic initiatives aimed at increasing the effectiveness of work performance and save time and effort and transparency while maintaining the necessary confidentiality levels.

The promise:

We promise, we public administration staff for information technology to do our best to make our management pilot management aims to develop effective communication in the light of the objectives of the ministry.

Management functions:

  • Supervising the associated administrative units and coordination among them as to ensure complementarity between their activities and make the most of the possibilities available to them.
  • Preparation of studies for the expansion Computer Services and Information Technology Ministry.
    Studying the development of systems and software, databases and networks internal and external communications.
  • Supervising the devices, networks and data bases in the ministry.
  • Follow-up secure communications systems and networks to provide an integrated network and sophisticated Computer Ministry, in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  • Rehabilitation of human resources required for the management and maintenance of hardware and network databases.
  • Preparation of technical specifications and feasibility studies required to secure computers in the ministry.
  • Preparation instructions and procedures and standards for the purchase of computers, as well as instructions, procedures and standards for information security, and compliance.
  • Identify the needs of the Ministry of computers, programs and systems, and follow-up provided according to the instructions, procedures and standards.
  • Screening software and their own tapes to make sure they are free of viruses.
  • The preparation and development of software and related application systems to save and retrieve information about the ministry and enter and update data for the work of the ministry.
  • Maintenance and operation of systems, programs and data bases and according to schedule maintenance.
  • Linking administrative units of the ministry sophisticated information network, and to overcome all the difficulties facing the flow of information.
  • Provide technical support in the computer field for all sectors and administrative units of the ministry and solve all the problems that they face in this area.
  • Qualification and training for the ministry to use the ministry's programs.
  • Processing ministry's website on the Internet and updated and maintained on a regular basis, in coordination with the concerned administrative units of the ministry.
  • Providing opinion, advice and assistance to all administrative sectors in the ministry and associated hardware in matters relating to computer and information technology.
  • Provide the necessary proposals to modify or develop the rules and regulations, instructions and decisions and administrative procedures for active management, according to business needs and variables.
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