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  Finance for the Visitor and the Resident.


Ministry of Finance is very keen to fulfill its responsibilities entrusted to it, both in the planning and implementation of financial policies of the state or cooperation with ministries and government agencies in order to reflect the vision of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in the development of financial and economic stability targets which will have the greatest impact in improving the standard of living of citizens and residents.
In this context, the Ministry of Finance is keenly interested to communicate with citizens and residents and  to provide services to them, either on the field or through the portal where the Ministry  allocated this page for them to view the most important services provided by the Ministry which are:

Ministry's Branches and Offices:
 The Ministry has launched a number of branches and offices in many cities and regions of the Kingdom  in order  to provide most of the services of the Ministry to the citizens and residents in their  hometown, so they can stay at home and contact the nearest office or branch as  there is no need to travel to follow up their transactions  on the headquarters of the Ministry in Riyadh. Moreover, they can also raise their  complaints or suggestions.
Electronic Services for the Visitor and Resident:
The Ministry of Finance provides a package of electronic services which could benefit the citizens and residents, Among the services that are available  to citizens and residents, is the service to inquire about the regular allowances  and about payment orders.
Bids, Procedures and Contracts Details: 
The Ministry of Finance displays on its website a list of the details of the  concluded contracts and also a list of the names of bidders and the procedures that are followed by the Ministry. So it makes it easy for the visitor to see all the details and the updates of the bids, as the Ministry is looking for  achieving the principle of transparency.
Complaints and suggestions:
The Ministry of Finance is keen to provide services to reach the satisfaction of the beneficiary either the citizens or residents. If any defaults have been  found by  the visitors,  You can also communicate with the ministry by filling out the form below​​​​​​​​

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